Social coaching as method of work with the disabled is an innovative program of working with the people with intellectual disability based on the method of individual social coaching.

It represents a complete programme originating from the meeting and exchange of good practices among professionals working with people with disabilities in 3 different European organizations who combined their past experiences and know-how in a new and global programme, validated and generalized so that it can be considered as a programme applicable at European level.



The aim of Social coaching as a way of work with the disabled is to provide a method that will allow to train very diverse profiles of people working or wishing to work in the social field about how to take charge of the client with mental disability globally, being able to accompany the client during a path of development that will have a strong impact both on the level of activities (related to tasks and actions by an individual) and participation (involvement in a life situation) and on the level of environmental factors and determining a global improvement of the level of the person’s functioning.


The path to autonomy and social inclusion of people with disability usually require a global support able to increase the levels of functioning in all the areas of life, from the social abilities and network, to the areas of independent living and working.

Good coaches believe that the individual always has the answer to their own problems but understands that they may need help to find the answer.