Social coaching as a way of work with the disabled is able to provide a method that will allow to train very diverse profiles of people working or wishing to work in the social field about how to take charge of the client with mental disability globally, being able to accompany the client during a path of development that will have a strong impact both on the level of activities (related to tasks and actions by an individual) and participation (involvement in a life situation) and on the level of environmental factors and determining a global improvement of the level of the person’s functioning.

“Social coaching” adhere to the integrated approach and the multidimensional model of functioning and disability of ICF and it wants to apply the principles of traditional coaching to the work with people with mental disability, emphasizing on a strengths-based, nonjudgmental, client-driven approach with clients (main principles of the social work)  but focusing on the client’s present state and where the client wants to go in the future (as suggested by traditional coaching) with much more action-oriented interventions than those with social work clients and with a real global approach.

The AIMS of this method are:

  • Self-reliance of the coachee
  • Making the work for people with a care need (i.g. people with a disability) easier and more effective
  • Contribute to the development and innovation on care for people with a need for care or support
  • Changing the way we look at people with a need for care
  • Improving the skills of care workers (formal and informal)


SOCIAL COACHING: the work process

  1. INTAKE: to make contact, to give information on the coaching program, to have an assessment of the coachee
  2. THE COACHING PLAN (6 steps): Establishing the scope and goals of coaching, evaluation process, action plan, signing the Coach – Client concract, implementation of action plan and progress monitoring, evaluation of the effectiveness of the coaching process.


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